File Hosting

If you need to host large files or a large number of files then a specific file hosting service would be right for you. This will enable you to store and share files easily and maintain the necessary control and security for your files.

The best file hosting services I have found are below:
FTP Hosting is a leading secure file server for business. Upload, download and share files securely and easily.
An account on is just a large file system, and you can divide it up as you see fit. Give your clients, vendors, and teammates access to whatever part they need. They can download and upload files via a beautiful web workspace that you can brand as your own, or any FTP client, or a custom desktop uploader app that they provide.

You control exactly who can see and download your assets on a per-folder, per-user basis. Assign and remove upload and download permissions on the fly. Restrictive defaults ensure that nobody gets access to something they shouldn’t.

There is a high capacity account and you can store up to 40 TB of data on one account. This limit can be raised so new storage space can be provisioned very rapidly.

There is a free trial available and entry level pricing is just $19.95 per month.

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